Sustainable Food Container Program Pilots in Takoma Park



Paradigm One launches an innovative circular economy solution to reduce single-use disposable waste in the food service sector.

Takoma Park, MD/DC, September 25, 2020 — On September 14th, Paradigm One, a local Circular Economy start-up, launched a sustainable food container pilot designed to help restaurants and customers reduce waste in our communities, cultural hubs and the environment. The pilot, which is being hosted by Takoma Beverage Company, runs through mid-October and is currently accepting new participants.

Single-use disposable products have always been a serious waste problem and, now that restaurants have had to pivot to a primarily take-out and delivery model, this challenge has increased exponentially. Even when restaurants and their customers do their best to be environmentally responsible, compostables and biodegradables are not properly managed and less than ten percent of the plastics that have been collected actually get recycled. The other ninety percent end up in either landfills, incinerators, or lost somewhere in the environment. The linear ‘take-make-waste’ economy is broken.

To address this challenge, Paradigm One has designed a ‘closed-loop’ Circular Economy business model that values, manages, and makes the most efficient use of materials so, together, as a community, we can keep our precious resources ‘in-the-loop’ and waste out of the environment.

When participants order from the restaurant, they receive their food in specially designed containers. Once customers receive their order, they simply scan the QR code on the containers, enjoy their meal, and then return the containers, at their convenience, to the touch-free kiosk located across the street from the restaurant. The company then collects, inspects, washes, and sterilizes the containers at a local commercial sanitation facility. When a container reaches the end of its useful life the company will recycle it and turn it into a new container. 

Nothing goes to the landfill. Zero waste. Clean.

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