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Business Membership
Join the Old Takoma Business Association(OTBA) and combine your voice with other local businesses to have direct input and representation on issues that matter most to your business.

  • Promotional Opportunities
    The OTBA provides programs, group advertising opportunities, publications and events that provide your business with the opportunity to bring more attention your way.  The OTBA also runs an active social media program for Takoma to attract visitors.
  • Communication
    The OTBA keeps members informed of events, programs and issues important to running a business in Takoma. The OTBA provides a weekly electronic newsletter that highlights upcoming events and programs.
  • Advocacy
    Members can count on the OTBA to assist with issues important to Takoma businesses, advocating for economic vitality, safety and cleanliness. Membership ensures that your voice and business concerns are represented before all of our local jurisdictions: Takoma Park, MD; Takoma, DC, Montgomery County, and the state of Maryland.
  • Networking and Support
    Throughout the year, there are opportunities to network with other businesses.  The OTBA staff is always available to assist when support or guidance is needed.

Not a Retail or Service Business?  You should join too! More Here

2022 Membership Rates

2022 Membership Rates
$70 – Start-ups
$275 – Small Business with 1-5 employees, Non-profits (non-profit association/organization, community/neighborhood group
$490 – Business with 6-10 employees
$595 – Business with 11- 25 employees
$800 – Business with more than 25 employees or Group Practice (law firm, medical office, real estate office), Commercial Property Owner
$1000 Large Commercial Property Owner

Or send via check to OTBA, 6909 Laurel Ave, Suite A ,Takoma Park, MD 20912

The OTBA is a small non-profit tackling big issues.  Its success is due to the active participation of Takoma businesses, community organizations and residents.

The Design Committee focuses on the physical appearance and health of the community:

  • Participate in bi-annual Clean-Up Days
  • Help organize public art projects
  • Support businesses with facade changes

The Promotions Committee is responsible for events in the Takoma area as well as outreach and promotion:

Economic Restructuring
Economic Restructuring works on issues of business retention and recruitment and networking with the various levels of government. Projects include:

Organization Committee
The Organization Committee provides the structural support for the operation. Current work includes:

  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • Website upkeep and maintenance

With your support, we are able to continue our work on community initiatives like festivals, concerts, public art and more.