Route 1’s Sangfroid Distilling Plans Major Expansion in Takoma Park

From the Hyattsville Wire: 

Route 1’s Sangfroid Distilling is planning a major expansion in Takoma Park

The Hyattsville distillery, which makes craft brandy, whiskey and Dutch-style gin, will open a larger space at 6950 Carroll Ave., former home to a Bank of America branch.

Co-owners Jeff Harner and Nate Groenendyk told the Hyattsville Wire that the neoclassical building, which dates back to 1927, is perfect for a large-scale production facility that will allow them to dramatically increase production.

The new building has about 4,500 square feet on the main floor and a similar amount of space in the basement, compared to their current Hyattsville building’s 1,000 square feet.

The new space will also have a cocktail bar, much like the tasting room at their current facility at 5130 Baltimore Ave. in Hyattsville, which will remain open.

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