Comments Takoma Metro Development

To Whom It May Concern:

The Old Takoma Business Association is a cross-jurisdictional organization dedicated to creating a vibrant commercial district in the combined commercial corridor of the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC and Takoma Park, MD.

While we leave critical design review to designated parties, the Old Takoma Business Association is in support of the EYA Development Project at the Takoma Metro because it activates an underutilized space that has long represented a chasm in the commercial district – missing function, direction and activity.  The current plan addresses multiple challenges and opportunities in the Takoma commercial district.

The new ground floor commercial space will provide the much-needed link between Metro and the local businesses located to the east of the Metro in both DC and MD. The planned commercial space offers opportunities for new businesses to locate in the Takoma commercial district which currently lacks available space, minimizing opportunities for new businesses to start up or expand into the Takoma market. New commercial space also provides opportunities to address missing businesses in our market, as defined in a retail market analysis, and provides job opportunities for residents.

The building provides direction to debarking Metro riders by activating a vacant space and guiding them to businesses and activities in the area. The proposed public plaza has been long-desired in that location and will activate a quiet, underutilized block which will benefit the surrounding businesses as has been seen nearby at the Laurel Avenue Streetery.  

With the current housing shortage in the DC area, this project will bring much needed additional units. These new Takoma residents will bring economic benefit to local businesses – both existing and new – by providing hundreds of new customers within walking distance.

We support this project moving forward.

Laura Barclay
Executive Director, Old Takoma Business Association | Main Street Takoma
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Old Takoma Business Association