Announcement from PollySue’s Vintage Shop

November 1, 2018

Dear Takoma Park community and loyal PollySue’s customers,

Today is the 19th anniversary of PollySue’s Vintage Shop. We opened opened on November 1, 1999. My desire to find and share the most beautiful, one of a kind vintage clothes with others was the motivation to start the business but it because so much more. In the nineteen years, we have seen a generation grow up and start their own families. We have outfitted countless brides, prom-goers, theatrical productions and photo shoots. The shop has weathered recessions, elections, blizzards, and hurricanes.
It is with equal amounts of hopefulness and sadness that I announce that PollySue’s will be closing on December 31, 2018. Jackie and I have both decided that it was time to do different things, and that we needed a break from the hard work of retail sales. I wanted to stay open through the holidays to say goodbye and to pull out some treasures that I have hidden in my archives.
I hope that the items you got at PollySue’s through the years gave you as much joy and satisfaction as finding them did for us. And as we embark on new directions in life, Takoma Park will always be in our hearts.
 – Susan Collings, owner and founder of PollySue’s Vintage Shop
PollySue’s Vintage Shop
6929 Laurel Ave, Takoma Park