2024 Takoma Safety Grant

The Old Takoma Business Association received a Safety Grant from the State of Maryland. We will be using this grant to make smaller grants to Takoma Park, MD-based businesses for safety-related improvements. 

Business Eligibility:
The 2024 Takoma Safety Grant is available to businesses located in the Old Takoma commercial district in Takoma Park, MD near the Takoma Metro on Carroll Avenue, Maple Avenue, Willow Avenue, Westmoreland Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Columbia Avenue, Grant Avenue, and Ethan Allen Avenue. See map. Businesses must also be in good standing with the State of Maryland. 

Eligible Projects:
The 2024 Safety Grant can be used for improving the safety and security of your business/building including, but not limited to, interior and exterior security cameras, security systems, interior and exterior lighting, exterior door and window replacement, exterior facade improvements, and other safety-related improvements. The maximum grant is up to $5,000. If you are a business or commercial property owner with multiple businesses/buildings/properties to address, additional funding may be available.

Additionally, the grant money is available for the replacement of storefront windows subject to approval by the Montgomery County Historic Commission. Maximum grant is $10,000 with a 50% match required. If you are a business or commercial property owner with multiple buildings or businesses to address, additional funding and alternate payment options may be available.

The grant fund is limited and applications will be prioritized on project readiness and anticipated positive impact to business/building/property and community. 2023 Takoma Safety Grant recipients may apply again, but priority will be given to those who did not receive one in 2023. Projects completed after 6/1/23 may also be submitted and considered for reimbursement. 

Application deadline is Wednesday, January 31st for first round reviews and will remain open until all funds are expended.