The Coolest Suburb in America’s 35 Biggest Metro Areas

From Thrillist, April 17, 2016:

“When we undertook this piece, we had a simple goal. Tell someone moving out of a particular city the coolest potential smaller community to live in nearby. In doing so, we weighed three major factors:

1) A good (or at least respectable) food/drink scene, with enough places to go close to home to not always have to trudge back into the city.
2) Not so far away from the city that the commute is awful
3) A place with a history or its own unique elements that separate it from just planned suburban sprawl

In the end, the actual task of choosing these places was much more difficult. For one, as you’ll see in some of our write-ups, the size and shape of what constitutes a “suburb” varies greatly across the country. Suburbs range from 2k to 300k people, to somewhat nonexistent, depending on which part of the world you’re in. Two, everyone’s opinions varied widely. For each selection, we asked our local editor in the area, or someone on staff from said place to weigh in and make a case for a pick. Arguments ensued. Lots of them. Places that seemed like natural suburban choices 10 years ago are essentially retirement communities now. Some places are still technically boroughs within city limits, but feel like their own towns. And honestly, some cities just don’t have great suburbs, and pickings are slim.”

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