The Old Takoma Business Association/Main Street Takoma supports the development project at the Takoma Junction and supports the current site plan.

Information that the OTBA Board of Directors considered to make this decision:

Retail Demand:
New commercial space will provide additional opportunities to meet the unsatisfied retail demand that exists in our community as supported by the recent Takoma Retail Market Analysis:…/REVISED-OTBA-Market-Analy…

Density of Businesses:
Additional businesses in this shopping corridor will fill a gap in the commercial district, activate the street front, add increased density, vibrancy and customers which will benefit all businesses on the block. (Correspondingly, the current density of businesses at Carroll and Laurel in Old Town contributes to the success of all businesses in that area per the Takoma Retail Market AnalysisL…/REVISED-OTBA-Market-Analy…)

Economic Leakage:
The community spends a considerable amount of money outside of our community as supported by the Takoma Trade Area Overview –…/OTBA-TradeAreaOverview-To… – this is revenue that we can redirect to Takoma Park with additional businesses.

The proposed rents in the new development are the same as the rents in recently signed leases for new buildings and newly renovated spaces in our community: $43-$50SF and are currently leased primarily by independently-owned, local businesses. Note: 2nd floor and office spaces have lower rents and were not included in the study. Also, our commercial spaces are almost all fully leased at this time:…/Takoma-Commercial-Distric…

Size and Scale of Building:
The size and scale of the proposed building is approximately the same size as 7000-7008 Carroll Ave (Trattoria Da Lina to Middle East Cuisine) and works with its surroundings which is similarly across from a one-story commercial strip and next to residential.

New Businesses:
The proposed development site plan is adding 6 new street front businesses, a rear studio and 2nd floor offices. Per the agreement with the City, the developer is being asked to rent to independently-owned local businesses and is not permitted to rent to a business that will directly compete with the TPSS Co-op.

The City of Takoma Park and the Developer have undertaken two separate traffic studies and determined that (1) the main source of traffic is due to commuter traffic and (2) that development is not predicted to make a considerable difference. To improve traffic, both traffic studies have proposed realigning the intersection to make it a 4-way stop. In addition, the City states that the development project provides the attention necessary so that the State Highway will evaluate and make changes (both Carroll Ave and Ethan Allen/Rt 410 are state highways).

Public Space:
The current proposed public space in the development site plan is similar in size to the Gazebo patio. In addition, the project includes a deep set back and wide sidewalks.

The development includes 72 new underground parking spaces that will be available to customers of all Junction businesses.

TPSS Co-op:
The Old Takoma Business Association strongly supports this important Takoma Park business and is hopeful that the agreed upon mediation between the Co-op and the developer will help overcome existing issues so that the Co-op can continue to thrive, and hopefully even expand into the new development.